The Wings of Hope Gala will no longer be held.

To Our Supporters of Wings of Hope,

As a new decade begins, I am writing to share our deepest gratitude for the difference you’ve made in supporting Community Hospice. The year was 1986 – and an all-volunteer group of community members organized Hospice of Tuscarawas County – with the mission to provide the comforts of home to those facing a terminal diagnosis. Their beginnings were humble. Office space was provided in a renovated broom closet at Union Hospital. The Hospice movement evolved over the years and as we entered the early part of this century, the need emerged for a dedicated facility to provide a comfortable place for family and friends in the most challenging days of their lives.

A decade ago – Hospice acquired a vacant nursing facility on the Southside of New Philadelphia – and began a community campaign to renovate the building into a space worthy of its new mission. Calls went out to all corners for help funding special projects. Enter The Barnett Realtors.

I knew after meeting with Bob Phipps, then the director of development for Hospice, who explained the need for financial help, that Hospice would become our passion. For our first project, we chose to adopt the Pediatric Patient’s room. From there, the idea took Wings of its own.

For 8 years, The Barnett Realtors Wings of Hope undertook an annual Winter Gala event to provide funding for other projects that include the Family Suite, the Outdoor Pavilion, the Memory Tree, and monies toward the debt retirement for their one of a kind facility. During these Winter Galas, and with the blessing and help from each of you, we raised over $275, 000 for this wonderful organization.

What I want to share with your now is… The Wings of Hope WILL NOT be holding our annual Gala in February of 2020. Committee Chairs Diana Barnett and Amy Adam, and their outstanding group of volunteers, did not make this decision lightly. We are aware of the wonderful asset Community Hospice is to our community. Many of us have been there with a loved one and experienced the care and compassion that is offered, but for now, we are going to take time to refresh and make plans later in 2020 for what your local Realtors can do to help make our community the best it can be in 2020 and beyond.

Again, we are profoundly grateful for you, our SUPPORTERS and ATTENDEES who made the Wings of Hope such a meaningful success for Community Hospice.

Gratefully and With Blessings, Kay Barnett

The Barnett Wings of Hope Story

A history and timeline of our efforts.


Kay Barnett, Broker and co-owner of The Barnett Realtors, served on the local ACS board for several years, and then formed and actively participated in the Relay for Life on The Barnett Realtors Team. Wanting to do more still, she decided to take her efforts and vision a step further by forming a group which would benefit our local Community Hospice.


With that, the Wings of Hope Committee was born.  Kay, along with several agents at the Barnett Realtors, staff members, and associates planned the first Wings of Hope Gala Event. This fundraiser was held just as the Community Hospice House building was beginning construction/renovation in New Philadelphia. It was decided that the funds raised would be used to help equip a room at Hospice House that would provide an environment suited to a child.

That first year, over $20,000 was raised and the room was well on its way to completion.  Year two afforded the remainder of the funds needed to complete the child’s room, the committee had reached its first goal and raised over $30,000.


By year three the Gala was widely recognized as an annual event, and through the continued efforts of each individual committee member, along with the generosity of the community, funds were raised  to complete a family room at Community Hospice House.  Here, members of a Hospice patient’s family could stay in order to be near their loved one at this critical and emotional time.

With year four came a new goal, and over $40,000 was raised at the Gala event.  The vision of a beautiful pavilion, an outdoor gathering place for resident families, community events and meetings on the Hospice grounds became a reality.

The fifth annual Wings of Hope Winter Gala was held on January 6th at PAC.  That year’s goal was to raise more than $40,000 to once again benefit Community Hospice House for The Tree Memorial.

The six annual Wings of Hope Winter Gala was held on January 6th at PAC.  That year’s goal was to raise more than $50,000 to once again benefit Community Hospice House.

Wings of Hope has sponsored The Pediatric Room, The Family Guest Suite, The Outdoor Pavilion, and The Tree Memorial. The monies raised at this year’s event will go towards mortgage reduction on the facility.